How to use workouts

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In the My program tab, you can see your workout for today. 

Tap Start Workout


You will see a list of exercises for this workout and the approximate time for their accomplishment. The Workout card also contains information about the general time of the workout, its type and needed equipment.

Tap Start Workout again to begin training:


A video showing how to do the exercises properly will appear on your screen. You can make it full-screen for your convenience: 


You will also see a number of sets and planned time for doing one exercise.
Simply repeat what you see on the screen. You can stop the video or rewind some parts if you need to.

Every exercise is guided by voice-acting instructions to help you follow all step-by-step moves. If you want to mute the voice guide, tap the loudspeaker icon in the top right corner:


You can also add your own musical accompaniment from Spotify or Apple Music to make the workout more pleasant (this feature is available only for iOS users). Tap this icon: 


Once you select a song or a playlist and return to the app, the music will continue playing throughout the entire workout. 

By tapping one of the exercises in the Workout card, you can see a detailed description of how to do one or another exercise. Just follow the instructions: 


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