How to stop the reminders

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If you no longer wish to receive notifications about your workout and meal-planned time, you can easily turn off the reminders in the settings of your phone: 

  • open the Settings app on your phone;
  • choose Notifications;
  • find the MadMuscles app and disable the toggle next to it.

After disabling notifications, you will no longer receive reminders about your workouts and meal-planned time on your phone. 

Note that if you wish to re-enable the notifications, you can follow the same steps and turn on the toggle for the MadMuscles app.

You can also turn off notifications directly in the app - either for all meal times and workouts at once or separately for one of them. 

Go to the Me tab, press the gear icon (or 3 horizontal bars - for Android users), and choose Notifications


Choose Meals or Workouts to turn off the reminders: 


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