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Calisthenics harnesses bodyweight exercises to sculpt strength, flexibility, and endurance. With its roots in ancient Greek training, it's evolved into a comprehensive workout regimen. 

The inherent flexibility of calisthenics caters to all fitness levels. Beginners benefit from foundational movements like squats, push-ups, and planks, while advanced practitioners can delve into planches, muscle-ups, and handstands. Progression is integral; as strength develops, so do the exercises, ensuring consistent challenge and growth.

The program boasts various benefits. Beyond muscle gains, it improves body control, agility, and mobility. It's a fantastic tool for enhancing cardiovascular health, as the workouts often involve repetitive movements at a higher tempo.

Calisthenics isn't just about physique; it's a form of functional fitness. Exercises mimic real-life movements, improving overall coordination and balance. Its versatility allows for creativity in designing routines and targeting specific muscle groups.

Consistency is key in calisthenics. By gradually increasing the difficulty of exercises or increasing repetitions, you can track your progress effectively. Moreover, it can be practised almost anywhere: parks, home gyms, or even during travels.

You can switch to Calisthenics Program in the My program tab.

Please note that this is a new feature and we are in the process of adding a more diverse range of workouts that align with this program. If you happen to see any exercises that involve equipment, fret not. Our library is expanding, and soon, you'll find an array of workouts completely tailored to the Calisthenics style.

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