How do I change my subscription type?


The process for changing your plan will depend on your payment method. You can find instructions for each payment type below: 

  • If you purchased your subscription directly via debit/credit card or PayPal on our website, we could manually alter your plan for you. Please reach out to our Support Team for further assistance. 

  • If you would like to change your plan, you will first need to cancel your current subscription to the MadMuscles app. Learn more about the process of cancelling here.

    Once your current plan expires, you will be prompted to resubscribe within the MadMuscles app.

    If you do not see your desired subscription option available, try signing up directly through our website here.

    Please note: you will still have full access to your account for the rest of your billing cycle, regardless of when you cancel.

  • If you purchased your subscription through Apple, you could manage your plan type within your Apple account. Follow the below steps to change your subscription:

    1. Visit Settings on your iPhone or iPad → [your name] → iTunes and App Store;
    2. Select your Apple ID → View Apple ID;
    3. Tap Subscriptions;
    4. Choose MadMuscles;
    5. Select your desired plan and tap it.
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  • Comment author
    Corey Godwin

    I need confirmation of subscription cancellation please 

  • Comment author

    Hey Corey,

    Our support team has sent you an email regarding your email address, please check your inbox. 

    Have a wonderful day!


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