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Assistant is a great function to change your program settings, evaluate your fitness level, or ask the coach anything about exercise techniques, nutrition principles and habits.

Press on the Assistant button, and you will be asked to choose the desired option: 


If you choose "Ask coach", you can pick up one of the themes which the Assistant can bring you information about - Sports, Nutrition, or Habits


Tap the preferred one and press Let’s go:


Pick any topic you are interested in, and the Assistant will provide useful information.

If you need to change something in your plan, tap Change my program, and choose one of the categories you want to modify. It can be Goal, Equipment, Fitness Level, Workout place, or type:


Evaluation of your fitness level might show that your program is too easy or too hard for you, so you will be asked to update your program or leave it as it is.

Be ready to do some testing exercises, such as the plank, and push-ups:


Depending on your results, the Coach will advise you, if the chosen program suits you perfectly or if it needs to be changed.

Feel free to use the Assistant feature anytime when you need to get additional information or want to adjust your program.

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