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At MadMuscles, we've curated a supportive space to empower you on your fitness journey. And we are thrilled to introduce a brand-new feature - Coach Chat.

This feature enables you to directly engage in one-on-one chat sessions with personal coaches and consultants through the app. They are dedicated to guiding and supporting you, providing valuable insights and motivation on your fitness path, and giving you comprehensive answers to workouts and nutrition questions. 

Please note that Mad Muscles Coaches chat is currently accessible to users in Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, who have the English language version of the app installed. If you do not have access to this feature, please stay tuned for future updates on its availability in your region.

If you are located in one of the listed countries and have the English version of the application, you can find the chat icon on the bottom bar of the app: 

IMAGE 2023-12-27 12:12:57.jpg

Here, you can see our team of coaches, brief information about each of them, and the key areas they advise on: 

IMAGE 2024-03-21 12:08:08.jpg IMAGE 2024-03-21 12:08:25.jpg

Choose a coach you are interested in talking with, and open a card with information. You can also read reviews about Coach from other users. To begin communication, press Start Chat

IMAGE 2024-03-21 12:09:55.jpg IMAGE 2024-03-21 12:10:15.jpg

The icon with your previously started conversations is located in the upper right corner of the MadMuscles Coaches start page: 

IMAGE 2024-03-21 12:09:17.jpg IMAGE 2023-12-27 12:16:00.jpg

In the My program tab, you can also complete a short quiz to select your personal coach: 

Screenshot at Apr 24 16-07-48.png Screenshot at Apr 24 16-08-00.png

Access to the chat 

The feature requires topping the credit balance to access and utilize the chat function.

You can purchase the needed number of credits by clicking in the upper left corner.

IMAGE 2024-03-21 12:10:53.jpg

Once the credit balance is successfully topped up, you can use these credits to engage with coaches via chat. Credits are charged per minute of coaching session usage. 

Engagement guidelines

  1. Introduction is Key
    Begin your conversation with a brief overview of your journey. Share details about your current fitness status, dietary preferences, any obstacles you're encountering, and your ultimate fitness goals. The more context provided, the more tailored and effective the guidance from our Coaches. 

  2. Personalized support
    The Coaches use the context you provide to offer personalized advice and guidance, ensuring it's specifically crafted for your individual needs.

  3. Respect and privacy
    Upholding respect and privacy is fundamental. Please refrain from sharing sensitive personal information in the chat for your own safety. Also, for privacy reasons, the names and photos of our Coaches may be altered while ensuring the same expert guidance and support.

Enhance your fitness experience with the MadMuscles coaches to kickstart your journey towards a fitter, healthier you! Embrace guidance, motivation, and support from our dedicated team to achieve your fitness and nutrition milestones. 

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