Can I redo the quiz and change the plan by myself?

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Considering changing several items in your plan or updating it completely? You can redo the starting quiz once again for your current MadMuscles account.

Please do the following:

  • log out from your account (the "Me" tab → Settings (the gear icon in the top right corner) → Log out):

IMAGE_2023-03-28_10_44_39.jpg IMAGE_2023-03-28_10_44_57.jpg 

  • press "Create my workout program": 


  • redo the quiz, and at the end of it, close the pricing page by clicking the exit button in the top left corner: 

IMAGE_2023-03-28_10_46_59.jpg IMAGE_2023-03-28_10_49_33.jpg

  • sign up under your previously registered email and press "Update." 


This is it! Your plan is updated now; you can check it in the app. 


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