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Our challenges are a great way to infuse a little life into your existing exercise routine and spice things up. Finally, a challenge can not only help you achieve your health and fitness goals but also acknowledge other benefits you might not have been expecting. 

Please note that Challenges are optional one-time payments and won't affect your subscription cost. They can be found in the Explore tab: 

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To start a challenge, choose the desired one and press Start Challenge:


After the purchase, your ongoing challenge will appear in the My Challenges list.

The Challenge Card includes:

  • information about the challenge and its duration;
  • the Day Tracker - you can mark each finished day (just tap it for tracking);
  • tips and insights that can help you to successfully finish the challenge and learn new ways of a healthy lifestyle.


If you are no longer interested in completing the challenge, you have the option to cancel it: 


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