Learn the MadMuscles app and its features


  • Exploring the Assistant feature

    Assistant is a great function to change your program settings, evaluate your fitness level, or ask the coach anything about exercise techniques, nutrition princ...

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  • How can I ask coach?

    You may want to learn some new insights or get answers to questions about workouts or nutrition. And you have such possibilities - just ask the app’s coach Chri...

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  • How do I change my program

    If you feel like you need to change something in your program, kindly use the Assistant feature to do it. It will take care of your request and help you to prov...

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  • How can I evaluate my Fitness level

    Evaluation of your fitness level might show that your program is too easy or too hard for you, so you will be asked to update your program or leave it as it is....

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  • Random exercise with the Assistant (for Android users)

    You can do one or more random exercises advised by the Assistant (this feature is currently available only for Android users).  It is a great way to prepare for...

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  • How do I change the workout type

    You can change your previously chosen workout type by rebuilding the current program through Assistant (currently available only in the English version of the a...

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Changing the settings

  • How can I install the app on my tablet?

    To install the MadMuscles application on your tablet, simply follow the same process as you would on your phone. Download the app on your tablet from the links ...

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  • How to add the MadMuscles widget to your phone (for Android)

    Widgets allow you to conveniently access the latest information from your favourite apps at your fingertips. The MadMuscles widget provides a comprehensive view...

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  • How can I change the exercise or super set in my training?

    If you feel that some exercises in your program don’t work for you and you want to replace them with other ones, you can simply do that with the Swap function. ...

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  • How do I reschedule my workouts?

    You can easily switch your workout days by clicking on the calendar icon in the top right corner of the My Program tab:    Then tap Edit: Select the day from w...

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  • How to change the start date of my workout program?

    To modify your start date, choose your operating system and follow the provided instructions.  You can change the start date by rebuilding the workout program....

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  • How can I change the number of workouts per week?

    Sadly, this option is not available at the moment. We are currently working on product improvement, and we understand how this option would be helpful for you; ...

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My Program

  • Exploring My Program

    The tab My program shows your active workouts and challenges. It includes: Your calendar of training:  Current workout for today:  What’s new tab:  Active c...

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  • Calendar of training

    Your calendar shows the days when you are supposed to be training and already marked days of training: By tapping the calendar icon in the top right corner, yo...

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  • How to preview workouts

    Before starting any workout, it's important to get a good understanding of what exercises you will be performing. You have the option to preview each workout be...

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  • How to use workouts

    In the My program tab you can see your workout for today. Tap Start Workout:    You will see a list of exercises for this workout and the approximate time for t...

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  • Why my completed workouts are not marked with a green tick

    It's important to keep in mind that completed workouts are indicated with a green checkmark in your program only if they were done on the scheduled day. If you ...

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  • What’s new

    The What’s new tab currently contains the course The Basics of Fitness. This miniature course of 10 minutes explains how to do each basic fitness exercise prope...

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  • The Explore tab

    Suppose you want to find something new to supplement your shaped new approach to everyday health habits. In that case, you can check the Explore tab. This tab i...

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  • Challenges

    Our challenges are a great way to infuse a little life into your existing exercise routine and spice things up. Finally, a challenge can not only help you achie...

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  • Workouts

    If you want to explore more workouts and see what types of them we have in our collection, go to the Workouts in the Explore tab.  Our workouts are divided int...

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  • Exploring the Meals

    You can find all the scheduled meals in the Meals tab.    The Meal plan for the day is split by meal (Breakfast, 1st snack, Lunch, 2nd snack, Dinner) and schedu...

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  • Meal Card

    By tapping one of the dishes in your Meal plan, you can see a detailed Meal Card which has information about the dish:    The information includes: approximat...

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  • How do I use the shopping list?

    Once you are satisfied with your meal plan for the week, go to the Shopping list. You can find it in the Meals section: Your Shopping list includes all the pro...

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"Me" tab

  • Exploring the “Me” tab

    So let’s talk about you. Your experience using the app is unique, such as your way of personal improvement. There is a place in the app where you can see all in...

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  • Weight tracker

    Let’s say you follow your weekly plan: do all the workouts, cook dishes, and additionally take the challenges. Where can you see how it is all going? Go to the ...

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  • How do I log my new weight and track progress?

    It would be best if you track your weight progress in the "Me" tab to see how you move on to your set-up goal. Here you'll have the option to track your today's...

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  • Water tracker

    When it comes to weight loss, water is your best friend. It is calorie-free and helps you burn more calories and suppress your appetite if you drink it before m...

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  • Steps tracker

    The steps tracker helps monitor the number of steps you take throughout the day. You become more aware of your daily activity level by tracking your steps. It c...

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  • Active calorie tracker

    The Active Calorie Tracker is a tool that measures the number of calories you burn through daily activities and exercises. It uses data from your iPhone's built...

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