How to get notifications about my Workouts and Meals

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Sometimes you can have a busy day and might forget to track your progress, about selected days and times for workouts, or even about your set-up plan meals!

Don’t worry - it happens to all of us. It is not always easy to keep in mind your schedule and remember the correct time of each workout and meal.

In that case, we will remind you about your time for workouts and meal-planned time if you enable notifications.

You can do this in the settings of your phone:

  • open Settings;
  • choose Notifications;
  • enable the toggle near the MadMuscles app;
  • customise notifications according to your preferences.

After allowing your phone to send notifications, you need to go to the app and set up your preferred time for every meal:

Go to the “Me” tab, press the gear icon, and choose Notifications

Choose Meals or Workouts to set time for reminders: 

After choosing a convenient time, you will get notifications on your phone on the established schedule.

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