How to change the start date of my workout program?

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To modify your start date, choose your operating system and follow the provided instructions. 

  • You can change the start date by rebuilding the workout program. Just open the app when it is your start day, and change your program settings (located in the My program tab). 

    If all the parameters were already correct, please change one random parameter, e.g. difficulty level, confirm it and then change it back to the correct one. This way, your workout program will be restarted. 
  • You can change the start date of your workout program following this path

    Go to the Me tab, press 3 horizontal bars in the top right corner, and choose Workouts

    Screenshot IMAGE_2023-04-26_10_34_14.jpg

    Here you will see the possibility of changing the start date. 


Please note that changing the starting date does not delay the start of your subscription and does not shift payment periods. 

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