Our mission and fundamental principles

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Our app combines stats, multifunctional exercises, and scientific insights. We geek out about progressive workout programs and create challenges with our training pros to make working out engaging and rewarding for you.

We also use the experience of nutrition specialists to build a meal plan that will get you the results you want without sacrificing the pleasure of eating.

We adhere to the following principles:

  • Remove barriers
    Just grab your phone and start when you are ready – we’ll build up the rest from there.
  • Act as a coach
    We build personalized workout and meal plans, track your progress, give you advice and push you when you need it the most to ensure that you reach your goals.
  • Spread the knowledge
    Helpful insights and tips are integrated into the app for you to learn about your body and the workout process.
  • Foster the habit
    Besides getting you the body you want, we aim to make you embrace a healthy lifestyle and make choices that will benefit you in the long run. 

We strive to make regular workouts accessible, effective, and joyful.

With these principles, we will guide you to establishing new healthy habits in your everyday life. Keep moving and exploring together with us!

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