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When our users achieve individual results and change their lifestyles for the better, we feel more proud than ever.

We understand that changing your habits can be challenging for everybody. Sometimes we all need to see successful examples.

And when you achieve significant results, it is always nice to share your experience with other people to inspire them with your example and show that they have the same opportunities for change.

Some MadMuscles facts:

  • 115 000 
workouts completed, which equals over 7 years of training;
  • 60 000 
pumped bicepses;
  • 100 000+
 users worldwide. 

And we are also happy to share with you some reviews from our users:

This is a really wonderful program that has helped me lose 5 pounds in a week.

Robert Mathews
It’s a great way to get into shape. Should have done it a long time ago!

Hyrum Keddington
The first program to get me in the groove cos it gave me everything I needed to get started, including a menu and a grocery list.

Ahmad Adyarso
I tried the program for a week; it has decent features, a good workout plan, and a diet. The diet plan also has a grocery list and step-by-step preparation.

Robin Mersh
Nice program, works well, and contains a good well thought out set of exercises.

Chan Makuach
The plan is good, I like how it evaluates proper workouts according to fitness, but it would be great if there’s an offline mode.

You can share with us your impression of using the MadMuscles app or your story of achieving great results. Feel free to give your feedback.

Let’s inspire people together!

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