How to sync data with Google Fit


Syncing with the Google Fit feature can allow you to set your daily goals for Steps Tracker and Active Calorie Tracker.

Go to the “Me” tab and choose one of the two trackers you want to sync with (the first one is the Steps tracker, and the second one is the Calorie tracker): 


Tap Sync data

Then give MadMuscles permission to access your Google Fit data using your Google account.

The MadMuscles trackers will use your active calories and step data from this day. 

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  • Comment author
    Herman van den Berg

    It's not working, the app just hangs.

  • Comment author

    Hello Herman, 

    I have forwarded your request to the support team. We will provide you with a solution to this issue as soon as possible via email. 

    Have a wonderful day! 


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