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  • HIIT Program

    High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the way to go when it comes to burning body fat through cardio exercise. HIIT involves intervals of high-intensity ex...

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  • Calisthenics program

    Calisthenics harnesses bodyweight exercises to sculpt strength, flexibility, and endurance. With its roots in ancient Greek training, it's evolved into a compre...

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  • What is the best time to do the workouts?

    Physical training is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but the best time to exercise can vary from person to person. While some people feel more energiz...

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  • Why does my calisthenics plan include equipment?

    Calisthenics is a form of physical exercise that uses your own body weight to build muscle and endurance. It is a popular choice for those wanting to start work...

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  • What equipment will I need?

    The equipment you'll need for your workouts depends on what you chose earlier during the quiz regarding the question about access to the equipment: no equipmen...

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  • How to choose the right dumbbell/bar weight for training?

    Weights should be carefully chosen to ensure that the exercise is performed with proper technique, keeping control over your body and equipment, while also effe...

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  • How to choose a workout goal if I want to get lean?

    If you want to work with weights and gain muscle while getting lean, then you may choose the Get Shredded goal. Shredding workouts include high-intensity cardio...

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  • How to get shredded if you have some extra weight?

    Getting a shredded body requires dedication, discipline, and patience. It's important to note that the process of losing weight and gaining muscle mass should b...

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  • How to gain muscle mass properly?

    If you're looking to reduce your body fat percentage and increase your muscle mass, strength training and proper nutrition are essential components. By followin...

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  • How can I improve the results of my workouts?

    To improve the results of workouts, it's not always enough to just do the exercises; it's also essential to pay attention to several other factors: Proper exec...

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  • When will I reach my goal?

    According to feedback from our users, they typically see their first notable results within a week to ten days of beginning their customized fitness plan. Howev...

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  • How do I maintain my progress and stay motivated?

    Our goal is to provide people with the necessary resources to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by establishing positive habits in everyday routines. To a...

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