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Having some rewards for achieving goals is always pleasant. The MadMuscles app is ready to support you on your way to achieving more.

By consistently engaging in workouts, taking up challenges, and tracking progress through the app, you can gradually adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Our app offers various features to help you achieve your fitness goals, and one of them is Achievements (currently available only for iOS users in the English version of the app). This feature comprises a collection of badges that can be found in the Me tab: 


You can earn badges by completing various tasks within the app, such as finishing a challenge, tracking your weight, reading insights and articles from the coach, or completing a set number of daily workouts.

Learn what badges you can get and what you need to do for it in the list “All badges” (tap one of them, and you will see detailed info):


By earning these badges, you can take pride in your progress and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Your achieved badges will be shown at the top of the Achievements tab as recent: 


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