I am losing my motivation. What should I do?

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One day you start a new life. From Monday, of course. Exercising at least 3-4 times a week, eating healthily, refusing sweets, drinking enough water... You know all the main rules for losing weight. But a few weeks later, you don't see some big progress, and, as a result, you aren't motivated at all. 

The most popular reason why people lose self-motivation is a very active begging. Dying in the gym wouldn't help you to lose weight faster, as well as DOMS (Delayed-onset muscle soreness) after training is not an indicator of muscle growth. Strict food restrictions will just make you too irritated. For the perfect slimming, less means more.

Don't focus on the scale. A beautiful and toned body is not equal to exact numbers. When you are training regularly, your muscle mass will prevail, and your scale can show some additional kilos. If your goal is to lose the extra weight without warm to health, buy a smart scale to know all the information about muscle vs. fat percentage in the body, and don't weigh yourself more than once a week.

Find a clear reason why you want to lose some kilos. "Just to be skinny" is not enough. If you dig deeper, you will find a real motive that drives personal action. Probably, deep in your soul, you think only skinny people are worthy of love, or you always get refused a new job because you don't look as pretty as other candidates. All of us have psychological attitudes - it is normal. But to change something, you have to know your internal beasts. Imagine how a new sports figure can ameliorate all areas of your life, save this picture in your mind and then begin to shape.

Choose a perfect body. It can be an actress, a model, or maybe your athletic friend. It doesn't matter who, but this person should inspire you. The main thing is to find a role model that fits your constitution. It means if your body is a pear-shaped one, a celebrity like Kendall Jenner is not a suitable prototype because this girl has equal bust, waist, and hip measurements.

Switch your life to a green regime. Throw away from the fridge all unhealthy products like mayonnaise, sparkling beverages, sausages, frozen junk food, flavoured yoghurt, etc. Buy fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and poultry instead. It is easier to lose weight if you are not surrounded by temptations.

How to maintain motivation

Sports have to be one of the good parts of your life, not the punishment. Make a plan that fits your daily routine, it will help to regain self-motivation. If you don't like early starts, work out in the evenings. Are you feeling awkward in the gym? Exercise at home! When you are feeling too tired, or you are sick, skip training this day and do it tomorrow or change active cardio workouts to slow stretching.

Find a sport that you really enjoy or even a few. Consider how you prefer to train: alone or on the team. Boxing, dancing, swimming, tennis, yoga… All of them can burn extra calories. Concentrate on your feelings and depend on them; take your pick.

Stop comparing yourself. Some people lose weight faster, while others take longer. People with approximately the same shape can lose weight in completely different ways since they have different layers of fat in their bodies and individual characteristics of the organism. Keep calm and lose weight at your own pace.

Set goals and celebrate your own successes. You have to be proud when you stay two weeks without sugar and sweets and lose 2-3 kilos or 1-2 centimetres. Reward yourself, for example, with a new dress or a pair of jeans. But avoid food prizes like a cheat meal day with burgers, chips, French fries, and alcohol because you should follow a healthy eating pattern.

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