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To fully meet your fitness needs, you can purchase additional functionality.

At the moment, we offer:

  1. Meal Plan
    Get a personal meal plan with 100+ easy recipes customized to your dietary preferences and nutritional needs. It is created by a professional dietitian to help you reach your goal faster and boost your metabolism. 

  2. Calisthenics workout program  
    Elevate your workouts with calisthenics exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility, and overall body control. These bodyweight exercises are suitable for all fitness levels and can be incorporated into your existing routine. You can learn more about calisthenics here

  3. Bundle (Calisthenics + Meal Plan) 
    Combine the meal plan and calisthenics options for a holistic approach to fitness. By bundling these offerings, you can enjoy synergistic benefits and maximize your results. 

  4. HIIT workout program 
    is an effective way to intensify your fitness routine. This program is created by a professional coach and includes more than 100 effective exercises to help you burn more calories with short. 

  5. Bundle (HIIT + Meal Plan) 
    By combining the HIIT program with a customized meal plan, you leverage the power of effective workouts and nutritious eating. This bundle optimizes calorie burn, promotes muscle tone, and enhances overall wellness through balanced nutrition and targeted exercise routines.

  6. Strength workout program 
    Strength workouts help build muscle mass, increase bone density, and improve overall strength and endurance. Engaging in regular strength workouts can also enhance metabolism and promote better posture. 

  7. Bundle (Strength workouts + Meal Plan) 
    Strength workouts combined with a meal plan offer a comprehensive approach to achieving fitness goals. Integrating strength training with balanced nutrition supports muscle development, recovery, and overall health optimization. 

  8. Consultations (for US users) 
    Our Coach Chat lets you engage in one-on-one sessions and consultations with personal coaches. Get guidance, insights, and motivation for your fitness journey, plus answers to all your workout and nutrition questions.

This premium access will support your fitness journey by giving you the tools necessary to achieve long-lasting results. 

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