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How can I cancel the subscription?



  • Khalil

     There is no («Settings» — «Help» — «Subscription» — «Cancel Subscription») in your website...

  • Elizabeth

    Hey Khalil,

    These instructions are for the app, you can cancel the subscription in the App Settings — «Help» — «Subscription» — «Cancel Subscription».

    Let me know if you have any other questions, I am here to help

  • Jeandesnoyers

    in the App I see

    Moi (me) - Gear (upper right) - account no

    No cancel subscription.

    I do see delete account but don't know if that is the right thing

  • Elizabeth


    You should navigate to «Settings» Gear (upper right)  — «Help» — «Subscription» — «Cancel Subscription»

    Let me know if it works☺️

  • bobbyjarrell52

    It only says manage not cancel

  • Elizabeth

    Hey Bobby!

    As I can see you have already managed to cancel the subscription and delete the account.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • J Keefer

    Is deleting the account the same as unsubscribing?

  • Andrew Whitehouse

    Could you please cancel my subscription as I can't seem to do it at the moment

  • Elizabeth

    Hello Andrew!

    I have located your email request and sent you the reply! Please check :)

    Have a wonderful day and happy holidays!

  • Elizabeth

    Hey J Keefer!

    Kindly note that deleting the account is not the same as canceling the subscription. When you cancel the subscription you will have the access to the program until the end of the paid period, and when you delete the account the access will be prohibited immediately and the Subscription will be canceled.

    I hope it is useful, let me know if you have other questions!

  • ijeka0610

    Please could you cancel my subscription? I couldn’t do it myself using the app, having only option “manage subscription” and nothings else to stop it.

  • Elizabeth


    This is the confirmation, that your Mad Muscles subscription has been canceled at your request. There will be no other charges. I have also sent you a confirmation email, please check your mailbox.

    Have a wonderful day!​

  • jpmtcu

    I can’t even get the app to work; it gets stuck on the “select language” page. I just sent an email on the web form. 

  • Scarlett


    Please check your email - there should be an answer from our support team. 

    Have a wonderful day!


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